Quanah and Roof Garden run at Newmarket followed by Astroblaze and Indian Red at Chelmsford ...

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It was great to see Fahad

Tuesday, 07 August 2018

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings."
Henry David Thoreau.

     200_Fire__Voice     201_Indian
 (L)Astrofire & Velvet Voice and (R) Indian Red

It was an unbelievably warm day yesterday and I think today will be very similar, but it could be the end for at least a few days as the jet stream is evidently moving lower in the atmostphere which should bring back normal temperatures. A good morning on the yard once again with everything running smoothly. A few have done fast work but the majority have been doing normal exercise canters.

True Calling

I see the owner of the horse that was banned for six months after refusing to go into the stalls at Goodwood is up in arms about the penalty that the horse received. We had a horse that had the same thing happen to him last year and this rule certainly needs looking at once again. He quite rightly, in my mind, says if the horse had been owned by Godolphin or Coolmore it would have been handled differently. Sometimes these horses are rushed and are expected to behave like lambs and on this occasion I think the connections have a point. I hope when considering this case, if the authorities ever do, they will reflect on the rules generally as we have mentioned before there are many areas which should be addressed - for example when jockeys break the rules but they still keep the race.



It was great to see Fahad once again who spent time with us last year. He is a trainer from Saudi Arabia who finished fourth in the trainers' table this year. He is such an enthusiast and constantly wants to learn and improve. Horse racing in Saudi is very much on the up, as is the country generally. They have a real love of all sports and football and racing are great favourites. There are plans afoot for a massive race to be held in the future on a track which is of international standards. I'm sure Fahad will be involved and we wish him well for next season. 


Goodwood competition result

Monday, 06 August 2018

"Change always comes bearing gifts."

Price Pritchett.

Cantering in the sun

Another blue sky morning and it looks set to stay like this for the next couple of days. There is a change coming towards the weekend, thank goodness, which should give us all a bit of relief. Everybody is in this morning and the yard is working very smoothly. We are still pulling out at half past five so we avoid the worst heat of the day. The exercise is a usual Monday morning canter.

After exercise

It was a bit disappointing at Chelmsford at the weekend but we discovered quite a bit about certain matters. Melo Pearl behaved very well in the prelimaries before being frightened by a flapping parasol. There was one inside the paddock which covers the prize giving rostrum and several just out side the parade ring. The filly was loose for a short time but was quickly caught. Her race was all over in a flash and she certainly looks to want a mile, but the experience will not be lost on her and I am sure we shall see a big improvement next time. Four Fifty Three was messed about when they all were in each other's way in the straight, and although I don't think he was likely to have won the race, he would have been a lot nearer with a clear run. Roof Garden's race is best forgotten and we shall re-group and find another race for him in the not too distant future.


I see another wrong horse was taken to the races the other day and this is now beginning to be a regular occurence. The trainer said it was an embarassing situation. The lad had got into his head which horse he thought he was meant to be taking, but the horse was even a different colour. With the BHA upping their identification process at the race tracks at least such errors are found out now before the horse actually runs. As I keep saying there is much too much racing and the staff situation is getting worse.

The results of the Goodwood tipping competition are as follows:

MHT minus £49.67, Richard minus £60.00. In the end it got very close and it was only due to a Rule 4 that I kept my nose in front for the victory.


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