Astrosparkle runs today in the 4.05 ...


We have one runner today at Chelmsford

Monday, 04 February 2019

"Know your limits, but never stop trying to exceed them."


Cantering on Southfields Round

It’s a wild, windy, wet morning and we have got rain forecast for most of the week. The temperatures have risen though and we have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. This rain is badly needed as we have had very little throughout the year in 2018. Farmers always say it averages out and I would suspect we will now get a couple of months rainfall in a few days. The horses have been out and cantering in it though and the riders were well covered up against the elements. Southfields Round has been the main canter once again and all has gone well. We had quite a few horses out yesterday so one or two have had their day off today.

Walking back to the yard

We have one runner today at a rescheduled meeting at Chelmsford. Velvet Vista has her third run in the mile and a quarter maiden at 4.40. She has had a couple of runs behind pretty useful horses and both times ran respectably. I would hope she would once again show that she has the ability to win races.


I see Godolphin is having another major review of their empire and already there are quite a few developments that will affect the industry and lives of certain personnel. The investment that Sheikh Mohammed has put in over the years is uncalculatable and he has single-handedly done so much for our industry and Newmarket in particular. These empires sometimes get so big that readjustments are needed at times and I would think this is one of those times and things will sort themselves out and start to run smoothly once again.

Luka's Faith

For those of you who know the yard well you will be pleased to hear that Tim is back in operation this morning. What a morning he has picked to return.


We all wish Di a very Happy Birthday

Friday, 01 February 2019

"No one is free when others are oppressed."


Cantering on the heath

It was pretty heavy snow when I drove in at twenty past five this morning but as the time has gone on it has gradually stopped and although it is lying about, we do not have a very thick covering. It is cold enough though and the breeze is getting up. The forecasters tell us we are in for a few more showers as the weekend progresses. All riders who should be in are in and we are getting the horses out and giving them as good an exercise as we can do the conditions. I am sure the same will happen tomorrow when we should have another rider in.

Walking back after exercise

It looks like fun and games at the Moorcroft Retraining Welfare Centre where there have been a few resignations from the board of trustees. You will never know the ins and outs but quite a few high profile individuals have resigned. Let’s hope the horses don’t suffer because of it. I am sure they won’t and it is just a blip but, like all businesses involving livestock, they are 24/7 and the costs keep escalating. Racehorse welfare is of the utmost importance and these retraining homes do a great job, it just needs the finance to be correct.

The frost is clinging to the branches

Australia’s leading trainer has just been arrested and interviewed by Racing Victoria. His premises were raided and several items were taken away. His assistant trainer and head lad were also questioned. With 600 or 700 horses in training over several states, this will cause a big stink down under. It is so disappointing to read headlines like this and if proved guilty of the crimes he should have the door closed on him and the keys thrown away.

     27_Ex_Sleek     38_Ex_Arrowood
(L-R) Dark Angel ex Sleek and Royal Applause ex Callisto Light

It was the first day of the February sales yesterday and with no high profile horses this year it looked a very low grade affair. Last year there were several horses that had to be sold through owner problems and they made very good prices. This year the fare was much lower and the average and median dropped dramatically. I hope the BHA and the Owners Association are taking note as there was nobody in the market for these lower grade horses. This is what will happen more and more if the prize money is not increased and quickly.

We wish Di a brilliant birthday today! She does a fantastic job in the office and I am so grateful for all her help.


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