Well done Richard, another win in the tipping competition ...


The ground at the racetracks is finally going our way

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."

Edmund Hillary.

Velvet Vision and Garrel Glen working on the Al Bahathri

It’s a really wet day once again which is lovely jubbly. It is one of those proper wet mornings, good steady wet rain and after yesterday deluge, the ground should now be starting to get properly soft. All the staff have been working well considering the weather and the horses have been getting a nice canter close to home. It looks like we will be having plenty of runners this week and I am delighted that the tracks we are running at the ground is coming up soft.

Walking back to the horsebox 

I see there was another mix up with two horses when it transpired that a horse presented to run at Catterick was not the horse it was meant to be. When the two horses in question were transported form Ireland they had evidently been dropped off at the wrong place, 400 miles apart. For some reason only one trainer has been fined and it is completely beyond me why these things happen. Actually it is not beyond me, it is because there are not enough staff that are on the ball these days and I wonder how many more times this has happened in the past. These things only turn up when they are presented at the racetrack and the microchip tells all. This is just another case of how overworked trainers and their staff are, but the BHA will never get it into their brains that the amount of racing we have is just exhausting everybody.

Roof Garden splashing around in the puddles

It was very sad to see the death of Sir David Sieff who has done so much for our industry. He was one of the people who saved Newbury from being taken over and was a chairman and a trustee of Racing Welfare. His behind the scene work and understanding of the industry, plus his business acumen, meant he had a very calming and professional hand on the tiller of this very important charity for all racing staff. Our condolences go to his family.

Bob, why are you sat in the rain?


The rain has finally arrived

Monday, 10 June 2019

"Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old."

Mary H. Waldrip.

Walking through the rain to the start of the canter


At last we have some rain. It has been pretty steady since the early hours and let’s hope we get what the forecasters are predicting. We have been desperate for this amount for a long time now and although it is not very funny riding out when it is like this, it will do nothing but good for the racecourses, the training grounds, the stud fields and everybody’s gardens. We have had a good morning with the horses and have been cantering mainly on Southfields Round which I am finding is one of the best exercises at present. The horses relax well on it, they can go both ways, you don’t have to go very quick, just good steady canters in rhythm. Horses learn how to lead on either leg, all in all a good exercise.

Ness Of Brodgar

Isaac Murphy ran very poorly on Saturday at Chelmsford. He was really well behaved beforehand and during the preliminaries - through the stalls etc. but the jockey felt there was something wrong when asked to quicken. He pulled up sound though and the veterinary’s inspection afterwards were all fine. He has shown me a lot more at home so I will be having our vet check him over this week to find out what the problem was and go again before too long. A great big horse, he may still be very much on the weak side. I think the race was quite good and there should be several winners to come out of it.

Walking off the gallop after exercise

The build up to Royal Ascot has started in earnest now and what a week it will be once again. I think we will have one runner there this year on the Friday. Hopefully Garrel Glen will contend the Sandringham handicap, a mile race for fillies only. It is a meeting that if you have never been to you should at least go to once in your life, especially the first day, the Tuesday, which I always think is the best day. We are very lucky having the royal patronage and the Queen still so enthusiastic about our sport and owning racehorses. I just hope the next generation of royals can continue the tradition and follow her fantastic example.


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