The mares are getting close ...


Drizzle is in the air

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

"A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend."


Cantering at first lot

It’s a very similar morning to yesterday although we have now started to get a bit of drizzle in the wind. It is certainly much breezier today and the clouds are flying across the sky. We are forecast plenty of rain this afternoon and then for it to get much colder with even some snow on Thursday. We are having another good morning with everybody in and all working well. The horses that had a winter break are now starting to get back into a good routine and all cantering nice and relaxed. They are also eating as much as I want them to. Plenty of good food, hay, warm rugs and nice clean beds are just what the doctor ordered.

Garrel Glen pulled out for third lot

I see there was a bit of fun and games with football clubs spying on other clubs training grounds over the weekend. This must have always gone on though and it certainly does in the training world as we all stand together and watch what is happening with each other’s horses. Everybody does things slightly differently and you never stop learning in the horse world. Veterinary science moves very quickly and you have to change with the times as the years go on, but basically it is the same with football clubs and horses. Really all they need is to remain fit and run quickly and their brains stay calm and relaxed. I can’t see a problem with spygate.

Just one of the many gallops in Newmarket

So many British jockeys are abroad at present, whether it is Dubai, America, India or wherever. Our all-weather season has only got a couple of the big hitters still here, Luke Morris and Adam Kirby. To be fair to the jockeys that do stay and ride day in day out in the moderate races, that keep the bookmakers making profits, they ought to be the only ones who are allowed to ride in the big all-weather finals day at Lingfield in April. But what will happen is that all the returning jockeys will pick up the best rides and push out all those that have put in all the hard work. There ought to be some sort of incentive for the ones who are loyal to the circuit.


It's a good day to be penguin

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Cantering this morning

It has certainly started to get much colder and I had plenty of layers on when out on the heath for the first two lots. We are starting to get a good breeze as well and with no shelter, you are having to act like a penguin to keep warm. It is a little known fact that penguins in the Antarctic constantly rock back and forward to stop themselves freezing to the ice. It wasn’t quite that cold but soon will be. We have had a very good morning with the horses so far. They are all in good cantering work, everybody is working well and I couldn’t be more pleased at present.

The stalls on racecourse side

We have now started to get the mares in the foaling boxes, but as yet none have produced. We do have one due today, but looks to be a while off yet, and one due on the 27th, but with this cold weather I am sure they will be hanging on a bit longer. It is amazing how quickly it all comes round.

The two-year-olds walking through the open stalls

Racing Welfare and Liverpool University have launched a survey to explore the relationship between working in racing and a person’s wellbeing. I am not sure what the new survey is meant to prove or not prove. It sounds to me like it is just a box ticking exercise rather than that it will get us anywhere. The money that is being spent would be far better being spent on a crèche for the racing staff in the big racing centres. There is a big demand for such a place in Newmarket and I am sure also in Lambourn, Middleham and Malton. It would encourage young mothers to keep working in the industry, knowing that they have got good care for their child at the right time of day. I would encourage all the charity’s, plus NARS, to concentrate their minds on this subject.


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