Onwards and upwards ...

One runner today

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

Nelson Henderson.

Coming up Hamilton Hill

It's a very similar day to yesterday being overcast and having had a small shower of rain. It's muggy though and the temperature is set to rise as the day goes on. We had an early start with the horses which has suited everybody, including them, and we have been cantering on the polytracks close to home. The horses are really fresh and well - indeed we nearly had a loose one but the rider managed to hold on.


We have one runner today - Roof Garden runs in the 2.20 at Yarmouth over a mile. He was very disappointing last time out but did not stay. We think this drop back in trip will see him in a better light. He is certainly not out of it at a massive price.

Velvet Vision

I was delighted to see the headlines on the front of the Racing Post this morning with two trainers, one on the flat and one jumping, backing the call for disqualification for whip overuse. As they say there is no logical reason for not enforcing the rule, and it is nonsense that you can break the rules and keep the race. How right they are. Will the BHA have the courage to bring the rule in?

I see the new chief executive of the National Horseracing Museum, Professor Parissien, is already planning changes and is enthusiastic about how he can get visitor numbers up. He has mentioned social media presence, better public relations and more signage. He is certainly right on those fronts especially the signage as many visitors have no idea where the museum is situated. In my opinion the admission price ought to be greatly reduced once again. Most museums are free to enter but this museum is charging as much as you would pay to go to a lower division football match. My other point, if Professor Parissien happens to read this, is that the shop should be completely revamped and repositioned as it could be a major income stream which at present is easily by-passed.