Onwards and upwards ...

Where will the rain fall?

Monday, 08 July 2019

"Bloom where you are planted."


Cantering up Hamilton Hill

It’s a slightly cooler morning but very little wind. The forecast is for bands of weather to come across the UK all week, pushed on by the Jetstream. I think it will be hit and miss where you will get rain, but certainly some parts will have some. We had a bit on Saturday afternoon which was very welcome as it gave the fields a good drink and we didn’t have to water the garden. The horses have been cantering on the polytracks close to home once again and all has gone well. With July week now upon us with the sales and racing, the town will be pretty busy with plenty of overseas visitors. It is a great week, although the congestion on Saturday with so many race meetings is disappointing. Every year you think it is going to be sorted out, but every year nothing happens.

Moving well

We were delighted with Ness of Brodgar on Friday who showed her Kempton run was all wrong. She was up against two very well handicapped three-year-olds who get plenty weight for age at this time of year. She did pull up a bit feelingly but the vets were very good. She has already been out this morning and had a good trot round and is as sound as a pound. I think she just tweaks a ligament now and again in her front legs and you just have to monitor them on a daily basis. Her training regime also has to be carefully considered.

Roof Garden and Astroman

I see the bookmakers got some stick about the multiples on Frankie Detorri and quite rightly so, but compare this with Hong Kong where Zac Purton rode six winners again at the weekend. I am sure the Tote in Hong Kong wasn’t frightened of what could have happened. The old fashioned men who started the big bookmakers would be turning in their graves as they watch what is happening nowadays.