Onwards and upwards ...

We have one runner tonight at Kempton

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul."

Henry Ward Beecher.

Velvet Vision

It’s an overcast and much cooler morning and not quite as close as it has been. We have a slight breeze as well which is helping. The forecast is for it to get very warm towards the weekend. There are unbelievable temperatures in Europe and let’s hope we don’t quite get the same. We have had a good morning with the horses cantering on the heath using a variety of gallops and all has gone well.

Exercise finished and making his way back to the yard

We have one runner this evening at Kempton in the 8.50. Why they don’t put on earlier races is beyond me or, at the very least, not split anything at this time of year. By the time these horses have run over two miles they are going to need a good hour before they start to travel home. This means gone 10 o’clock and it will be way past midnight when they are back in the yard. It is completely crackers and should be sorted out. If we want to retain staff we can’t keep wearing them out racing at this time of night. As I have said many times before it would be ok if we had a track here at Newmarket. The horses would go straight home to their boxes and everything would be finished by 10 o’clock, but having to travel and with the roads like they are, the BHA and whoever wants these races, just don’t understand the logistics of it.

Ness of Brodgar ran well last time to be second. I have upped her in trip again today but it is quite competitive because there are very few races in this bracket. She is not drawn well in 11 and will have to get quite lucky but I am hoping that she does.

Growing on the heath

There is quite a good piece by Julian Muscat on the whip in the Racing Post today and as he points out there were 11 separate offenses at the Royal meeting last week. We have gone on and on about this situation for years but the powers that be don’t seem to want to get to grips with it properly. If they don’t want to disqualify the horse, which to my mind is the only way to do it - and would only require one horse to have it taken away to sort the matter out - they should give the jockeys big suspensions. For example, the first offence to carry a one month ban, second offence a three month ban and third offence a six month ban. It is simple and would soon concentrate minds. It is one or the other of these penalties that must come in as soon as possible or the welfare people will get their way and the whip will be banned forever.