Onwards and upwards ...

The snow is not stopping us

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

Zig Ziglar.

We woke to a covering of snow this morning

Cantering at second lot

We had the first laying snow of the year this morning. It was raining when I put the dog out and went to bed last night, but on opening the curtains at 5 o’clock we have got a half inch covering everywhere and as it has become lighter, it has got colder. There is no wind though, thank goodness, and it doesn’t look like we will be getting much more snow today. The heathmen have been out since very early putting tons of salt and grit on all the walking grounds and working the gallops so that we can get the horses out. It has been very busy on Southfields Round as it is close to a lot of the yards. We had one new rider in this morning which helps and two laps of the circle have been the exercise of the day. All has gone well so far.

Wrapped up against the cold

I see the RSPCA have jumped on the bandwagon since the BHA published the fatality list yesterday. I am not sure what angle they are coming from as racehorses are the best looked after animals in the country. Everything is done for them when they are in training and their welfare afterwards. It is certainly way above any other horse activity e.g. show jumping etc. as we have a professional retraining of racehorses association. The welfare of our horses in the industry is our number one priority so the RSPCA should not be worrying at all. This could be a politically motivated intrusion.

The moon shining over Newmarket

The BHA has climbed down from their horses ‘run of their own free will’ statement which was completely crackers. This is because the great and the good have been publically criticizing them. Yesterday Alan King joined the chorus of disapprovers and declared the governing body were in danger of becoming a laughing stock. I don’t know how they can get things so badly wrong and all they do is drive everybody in the industry to despair. We have not heard from their leader much, which is disappointing, as you need a strong man at the helm who will stand up and be counted.