Onwards and upwards ...

We had a good day looking at the stallions

Friday, 11 January 2019

"Gossip is saying behind their back what you would not say to their face. Flattery is saying to their face what you would not say behind their back."


Pageant Master

It’s slightly warmer this morning after yesterday’s very cold day. There is absolutely no wind though which as you know always helps. It may be the lull before the storm. Everybody is in today and we have been cantering on both the polytracks and New Ground turf. All has gone well with no problems whatsoever, thank goodness. We will be having no runners this weekend but hopefully some the following week.

True Calling

I see the Irish are having problems with their jockeys who are not getting the message that cocaine is a banned substance. Five year bans is going to be the minimum which must be a great deterrent and will surely concentrate some young minds. I think the Irish drug testing, both with horses and humans in the sport, has been a bit behind the times but they are now starting to get geared up. It can only do good as you cannot be riding horses other than with a clear head.

David and Mo leading in two of the yearlings

Another point that hit the headlines in the Racing Post is the new rule brought it - that all horses have to be fully shod in jump races - shows the BHA rule makers have no idea about horses and what happens in a racing yard. Over the years we have had so many horses cut clean through their tendons with their back feet and this type of injury, and overreaching where the hind feet catch the heels of the front feet on landing, is very common. If people want to run them without hind shoes it should be their prerogative and I am sure it doesn’t cause horses to slip, which is what the BHA seems to think it does. Both the Easterby’s and Harvey Smith are very against this hind shoe rule and I think the BHA would be wise to take another look at it and possibly leave it like it is.

The Bated Breath ex Topatoo

It was a very cold day yesterday looking at stallions but we got round several of the big studs and were very impressed with many of them. There was one disappointment where the horses didn’t look very well and it just proves that you must look at stallions every year before using them. We have now got to put a lot of thought in and make and quite a few phone calls before we decide on which mare visits which stallion in the coming months. The covering season starts on February 15th and we have several mares that, for one reason or another, didn’t get in foal last year and will hopefully be covered early this spring. They are in at night and under lights which helps to bring them into season. What we don’t want is cold weather, which I have been forecasting for the end of the month, as this will certainly set them back.

Bated Breath ex Azure Mist