Onwards and upwards ...

It really is very cold this morning

Friday, 04 January 2019

"Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn’t have anything to do 

with it."

Haim Ginott.

Cantering out on the heath

It’s the coldest morning of the year so far with over trousers and as many layers as you can possible put on to keep you warm. Thank goodness there is no wind once again, which just about saves the day. It is dry though and the forecast is for it to get slightly warmer as the weekend goes on. We have a good complement of staff in and everything has had a very good exercise, whether it be cantering or walking and trotting.

Watching the two-year-olds in the trotting ring

I see there are a lot of problems in Ireland with the new TV coverage and that the replays of past races are being withheld due to a dispute between rival factions. As always these things aren’t transparent and there would be a lot of wheeling and dealing and horses trading going on behind the scenes. As usual it is the public who are the losers. Let’s hope they can sort the problem out quickly as from a trainer and jockey point of view, being able to see the replays is a must.

Mike Bowring with his Bated Breath ex Topatoo yearling filly

It was very sad to read of the death of Bill Elsey who was a genius of a trainer and a gentleman to boot. He was the last of the certain generation of trainers who was strict but fair, he understood and was a great placer of his horses. Our condolences go to all his family.

Mike and Nikki, visitors from South Africa

You will have no doubt seen that Theodore Ladd, who rode our last winner Astrojewel, has had some very bad publicity for using his whip above the permitted level. He was also swerving about which was classified as careless riding. This all promoted criticism from jockey Luke Morris, who quite rightly pointed out the win at all cost problem. Theodore was out of order and he knows it. He will certainly have learnt a good lesson. He is a strong lad and doesn’t have to resort to much as he won the hands and heels series last year, where no sticks are allowed. A month without riding will concentrate his mind and he will come back a much better jockey for the experience.