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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

"The fire of destiny won’t warm you until you get there."

Terri Guillemets.

Second lot back in

It’s a wet morning and we have a couple of non- runners, one in the yard and one rider, which is very disappointing. At least I am still working and the rest are doing a great job giving the horses a good exercise out in the rain. It is quite mild though and I think it is going to be a bit like this all the way through the festive period. I know we would love some snow but according to the expert on last night’s news, he doubts we will be getting any of the white stuff.

Off to much out the next box

Sometimes everybody thinks racing is the be all and end all of life but I can assure you good health is the most important aspect. Pat Smullen, the top Irish jockey, is recovering from cancer, has been out all year and has had plenty of problems. He is just recovering from another operation and thank goodness a positive bulletin has been issued. A top class jockey and man everybody in racing wishes him a successful recovery and although it may take some time, it would be great to see him back in the saddle when he is ready.

Whilst on matters of sickness, a get well quickly wish is sent out to one of my oldest owners, Beryl Lockey, who has just had an operation in hospital after a fall. Everybody wishes her a quick recovery and hopefully she will be out for Christmas.


I see the BHA is putting everything up once again - fee increases goes on and on. It certainly hits the middle to smaller owners in their pocket just when the prize money is going the opposite way. I see we have a middle sized owner moving his horses to Australia where he says the prize money is better. Australia is a long way to go though and I am sure you need just as good a horse to win good prize money over there as you would do here. The BHA seems to me to get bigger and bigger with more and more people taken on to do regulation and development jobs. They are all on big salaries and really, to me, it is a cloak and dagger exercise to show that we are doing something about all the modern day problems. We seem to lack horse people but have plenty of hangers on in our industry who are getting very well paid whilst the majority of the workers are not.

Mount Nelson ex Seasonal Blossom yearling filly

A strong, medium sized filly, she has the scope to improve all year. A great mover and character, she has plenty about her. She is cantering daily with the string and we are seeing her developing well all the time. She is a half-sister to numerous winners, including the very useful Brushing who won the Galtres Stakes at York and the Cumberland Plate. This filly has undoubted paddock potential after her racing days are over.