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Monday, 17 December 2018

"You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures."

Charles C. Noble.

Cantering on the polytracks racecourse side

After a wet and windy weekend it is now quite bright and still. There are plenty of people in this morning with a couple of new additions and the horses are getting a good exercise cantering on the wide variety of polytracks we have racecourse side. Everything has gone well so far with the horses, which is more than can be said for everything else. Unfortunately, Tim was taken ill last night so I was in feeding this morning and could be doing so for the foreseeable future. We wish him a quick recovery and everybody sends their best wishes.

Pulling out for second lot

I see that Arc is going to slash their prize money over the impact of the crackdown on the FOB machines in the betting shops. This was always going to happen and I have stood up at many meetings and said we must reduce the fixture list if we are to keep the prize money at a reasonable level. With the bookmakers taking over £1 billion profit off the back of this industry every year you can see who the main beneficiaries are. If prize money is reduced across the board, and I am sure other racecourse groups will follow, it will hit the majority of the professionals very hard. What’s the answer to this question? It is easy, but nobody in power would listen and it looks to me as if we will be racing for peanuts once again.

Hard at work keeping the yard tidy

Garswood ex Mega yearling colt

A big, strong, well grown and attractive colt, he is cantering with the string daily and his very good temperament is shining through. He is a half-brother to numerous winners, including Marvo, a very unlucky filly that won on her debut called Mystic Winds and a colt called Mercoliano who went to Saudi Arabia and was top class. A great mover, he looks to be a mid-season onwards two-year-old type. He is a really lovely colt.