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Friday, 14 December 2018

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

T.S. Eliot.

Even in the dark the gallops are maintained

It’s another very cold morning and watching the forecast it looks like Scotland and the north should get some snow over the next few days. We may just miss out on any white stuff but the temperature looks set to stay below normal for a few days yet. It was really dark when we went out on the heath and there was quite a lot of horse traffic about, especially on Hamilton Hill. Everybody seemed to get on well and there were one or two strings that were riding out in Christmas jumpers - evidently it is Christmas jumper day, which has certainly gone over my head. All has gone well so far and we seem to have acquired a new rider from Spain. Who said there are no European workers?!!

Warming up on the yearling ground

Velvet Vista ran a sound race last night in a contest that will certainly throw up a lot of winners. It looked a very good race in the paddock and I am sure the future will show it was. Astrojewel pulled a bit hard, being quite fresh after her long absence. I am certain she didn’t stay and we will be going back to seven furlongs to a mile next time. It looked disappointing but I don’t think it actually was. She has got ability, I just need to get her in the right race.

Moving well

We have several horses for sale up on the site today - three colts and a filly that all come highly recommended and are very reasonably priced. They are good, sound, very attractive horses that could be anything. We will either sell these two-year-olds outright or with partners. They are also available for free lease. We have also put up a couple of broodmares that again we would either like to sell outright or have partners in. Please have a look on the mares and young stock for sale page. If you require further details on anything please phone the office on 01638 661434 or my mobile on 07799 663339 at any time. They would make a great surprise Christmas present for somebody. We also still have shares in our syndicates available. They are fit and well and will be running during the winter.

Half Past Eight

A strong and attractive colt, he is a half-brother to numerous winners including the ultra consistent Barwick who is very similar to him in stature. He is broken in and cantering on the heath daily. A great mover and temperament, everybody is delighted with him. He is a type that should be a reasonably early two-year-old and improve throughout the year. A cracking colt.

Coming up Hamilton Hill

Cantering in a group

They are starting to put the top on the Rubbing House canter now and hopefully it will not be long before it is fully open again. It will mean we can go quite a bit further at a good clip, rather than have to ease down half way. They have built the bend up to take out any undulations on the track. It looks like they have done a great job but until you actually ride on it and get feedback you are never 100% sure. The Jockey Club are always trying to keep the heath updated and one of the next jobs is to replace the woodchip canter with a polytrack surface and make that a bit longer as well. The one problem there will be is which way the trainers want it to go, towards the A14 or back towards the town. I can feel a peoples vote coming on. I might have to ask the EU for a decision!

     1_Rubbing_House     1_Rubbing_House_Bend
Rubbing House polytrack is coming on well