Onwards and upwards ...

It's a glorious morning

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

"Our whole life is solving puzzles."

Erno Rubik.

Newmarket this morning

It’s a glorious typical Newmarket winter morning. At first lot we had a sunrise, banks of mist, stars and planes streaking across the sky. There is no wind but it is quite cold and thank goodness it doesn’t like being any rain as if it fell now it would be as snow. We have had a good morning with all the horses. They have great skins on them and are all in very good spirits, as are the staff. Long may it last.

Cantering in the sunrise

The Jockey Club have employed a firm to block off both ends of Hamilton Road today and check for all the people that use it as a rat run. Hamilton Road is in fact a private road owned by the Jockey Club but has recently got very busy as it is a good short cut to bypass any congestion in town. As anybody who has been to Newmarket knows it is just a cowboy town with one street and there is no real way of avoiding congestion at certain times. It is all part of the charm of the town but I am glad this process is taking place as it will make it safer for horses and staff. They had caught quite a few by 8 o’clock.

First lot

There is a big interview today in the Racing Post with Nick Rust who is priming everybody for the Cheltenham fatalities review which will be published tomorrow. I am not sure what it will come up with but I am sure it will be a long winded jargon filled piece of prose. We have got to get across to the wider public that racehorses are the best looked after animal in the world and that their welfare is everybody’s number one concern. Accidents can happen, especially under national hunt rules as they go so quick and in the championship races, which the festivals promote, the speed is phenomenal. I am sure the ground has something to do with it and I have always been an advocate against watering as I think the better the ground the less injuries you get. Unfortunately you are always going to get a few incidents, which you would do with ponies turned out in a field, also there are more horses killed on the roads than on the racetrack. Horseracing is a very special sport and the wider public sometimes don’t understand it, but we need to keep bashing the drum that the horses and riders safety comes first above all else.