Onwards and upwards ...

Top mares sales today

Monday, 03 December 2018

"Make the workmanship surpass the materials."


Break Cover

It's an overcast and very damp morning with plenty of rain in heavy showers. It's not cold though and once again we have very little wind which certainly helps. Apart from one non runner in the yard all the expected riders were in and we have got on well. We have been trying to dodge the showers and using the canters close to home.

                                                              Casamento colt ex  Lady Bellatrix

The Rubbing House canter is progressing very well and the contractors have been extremely lucky to do the majority of the work in dry weather. At present they are putting the drains in the base which is one of the most important jobs when constructing any gallop. I should think the topping will be a fortnight or so away. It certainly will be a big improvement for us here.
     Road_1         Poad_2 

The Rubbing House canter is progressing well

It's the second week of the December Sales with the better grade of mares starting today. I'm sure the top end of the market will hold up strongly as the foals did last week. It is in the middle and bottom where it is very precarious. We have purchasers from every continent here this week who come to buy new blood lines, and the horses will disperse like magic throughout the world which never ceases to amaze me. Every horse racing nation will benefit from our fantastic breeding stock at this sale.