Onwards and upwards ...

What a hectic morning

Friday, 28 September 2018

"What great blessing to give thanks for at a family gathering than the family and the gathering."

Robert Brault.

Velvet Vision and Astrobreeze at first lot

It’s been one of those hectic mornings so I’m sorry that the blog is a bit later than normal. We have had plenty of visitors in along with interviewing someone for a stud job and being a work morning, we have been on the go since 5 o’clock. We had two lots of workers on the Peat Moss turf gallops and the rest closer to home on the polytracks. Everybody is in, plus Louis Steward, and all has gone well.

Velvet Vista and Astrosparkle 

Our runner yesterday was a bit disappointing, in fact very disappointing so we have had the vet in to do some tests on her this morning, the result of which we will find out later. I am hoping they show something or I will be really scratching my head as to why she underperformed, but they are not machines and sometimes these things happen. We have no runners over the weekend and it will be very nice to sit down and watch a very good card at Newmarket on the TV. Saying that, it was very disappointing to see the ground at Newmarket yesterday looking like a beach with sand kicking up as they were racing. For the life of me I can’t understand why they don’t let the grass grow longer and why they put sand on courses is another weird thing to my way of thinking. There was a fantastic groundsman once at Leicester who told me grass doesn’t grow in sand and always filled his holes with soil. He would always have a good supply of perfect soil in his shed and he and his ground staff would meticulously repair the turf with soil not sand.

Garrison Law, Four Fifty Three and Pageant Master working on the Peat Moss

We are busy steam cleaning and repainting the stables in the yard this week with the anticipation of the first lot of yearlings arriving shortly. Hygiene and cleanliness is a must at this time of year, very similar to a school when the new intake of kids brings a new batch of infections that affect whole groups. We use a high powered steam cleaner along with a disinfectant which gets into all the nooks and crannies and kills any bugs which are there. We then paint with a very expensive paint which comes from America, but it certainly does the job.

Quanah walking round the yard

It’s the first day of the Ryder Cup today which is being held just outside of Paris. Two of the strongest teams imaginable play each other and it will be spellbinding stuff for the three days. Horseracing has often tried to do team competitions, but they never seem to work. There are a lot of jockey’s championships which are quite entertaining, especially when you get the best in the world there, but it is near impossible to get the top 10 jockeys together. There are one or two big ideas being pushed about at present, but only a few know the details and I am sure once it all comes out, it will die a slow death. I don’t think there will ever be a competition which is comparable to the golf we are going to see this weekend. It will be nail biting stuff though right up until the last putt goes in on Sunday.