Onwards and upwards ...

The air ambulance offer a fantastic service

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

"Spring blossoms are fairy tales, autumn leaves are tragic dramas."

Mehmet Murat ildan.

True Calling

It’s a very similar day to yesterday, being cold first lot but bright and now sunshine with the temperature set to go to 20 degrees later on. It is a proper autumn day once again. With a full complement of staff in everybody is working well. It won’t be long now before the first lot of yearlings appear in the yard. I am sure that will please everybody at the stud who can then move the weanlings into their yearling paddocks. It is a never ending cycle but one that can be very rewarding.


Astrofire was a bit disappointing yesterday and it may be that she didn’t stay the trip as she was happily going along until the last ½ furlong. I may just give her one more run over shorter but she is a good ride and a lovely big filly who we can find another job for if needs be. We still have a couple of horses that need to find good homes. They are both sound and good rides and would make up into any other horse discipline you wanted. Just give the office a ring for further details.

Garrison Law

The going stick has often been held up as a prime example of what everybody should go by and how good it is supposed to be but I have always held out that it is a complete waste of time. Every course has a different soil structure and the watering systems and gradients also make a difference. I was looking at the going for Saturday and what the stick readings were. These are the following readings. Chester, good to soft - going stick 6.5. Haydock, soft, heavy in places - going stick 6.6. Newmarket, good - going stick 6.6. Ripon, good to soft, good in places - going stick 7.4. In simple terms the reading is 0 to 15 where “0 is the wettest ground imaginable and 15 is a tarmacked road. You won’t see much outside the 5 to 10 range and hopefully nothing below 3 or above 12.” (as reported in the Racing Post). So what do you make of the above readings, how do you equate it and what is the point of a going stick with all these different readings. There is no point in the going stick whatsoever. All you need is a proper Clerk of the Course who tells you the honest truth about the ground. The most expensive item of an owner’s bill is the travel costs, which every trainer except the big boys are very aware of. If you go all the way to Haydock and the ground is not what you thought it was, it is a waste of a journey. But if the courses are paying for the going stick, I would prefer it if they put the money into prize money rather than some independent company when it doesn’t work.

The Air Ambulance overhead

Landed on Hamilton Hill

As a group every year the trainers give some money for the East Anglia Air Ambulance and the Open Day also donates to the charity. As you can see from the pictures the helicopter was needed today. I am not sure which yard needed it but it put down within 200 yards of our yard on Hamilton Hill. It always amazes me that it is a charity and not government funded. A couple of weeks ago we had one of our riders air lifted off and thank goodness there was nothing too much wrong and no broken bones, but what a fantastic service it is and one that should be constantly supported.