Onwards and upwards ...

We had some well needed rain

Monday, 24 September 2018

"It’s not how many friends you can count, it’s how many of those you can count on."

Anthony Liccione.

Astrofire and Velvet Vision working on Saturday

Ness of Brodgar and Astrojewel

We had plenty of rain over the weekend, which was a shame especially on Sunday as it was the Newmarket Open Day. I am sure this would have put a few people off turning up, but it was much needed for the ground and will have done the power of good. We have had a good morning so far with the horses that are, for the first time in a long time, going out in sheets. In fact I said to Tim this morning we will be getting the striped rugs out soon if the temperature stays like it is. Two good canters on the polytracks has been the Monday morning exercise and all has gone well so far.

On Hamilton Hill this morning

We will be having a few runners this week and hopefully they will all perform with credit. A few two-year-olds are now handicapped and will be a lot more competitive in nursery’s rather than the very competitive novice races they have to start off in. In these races you have to take on everything and you can be running your homebreds against plenty of million pound horses, but once they are handicapped, the playing field starts to get a bit more level. I think a bit of imaginative race planning would certainly help and the distribution and availability of certain races for certain horses should be looked into. You can go a week, or even two, when there is not a race for your horse which can get very frustrating for all concerned.

Pageant Master

As I mentioned above it was the Newmarket Open Day at the weekend and although it rained there was a good turnout of people to see the horses. I think around 20 yards opened of the 80 in town and by all accounts they were reasonably busy. However, you can understand people not opening as the danger of infection spreading at this time of year is quite high. Even with hand washes and feet dip there is always the risk. With all year round racing now, there is not a good time of year to have an open day, although Lambourn have theirs after the big finish of the festivals in the spring, which suits them. The highlight of the day once again, and the one that raises the most money, is the commentary competition held at the racecourse. This is usually between Newmarket trainers but they had a few outsiders this time which I’m not sure is what it is all about. But let’s hope the day raised plenty of money which goes towards Racing Welfare and a few other good causes. We certainly need the stable staff accommodation to be built as soon as possible. The planning is in and it is very urgently needed.