Onwards and upwards ...

Autumn is here

Thursday, 20 September 2018

"Autumn is the season of change."

Taoist proverb.

Roof Garden

It was raining as I drove in in the dark this morning and I think we have had just over 5 mls which will have freshened the ground up and stopped me watering the pots in the yard. It has cleared now but there is still plenty of cloud about, and it looks to me as if autumn is on its way. A good morning with the horses once again with everybody in and all working well.

Pageant Master pulled out

... and cantering on Hamilton Hill

Our runner yesterday ran with great credit on ground that I was not too sure about. She will have benefitted enormously from the whole experience and will be much more competitive next time. The clerk of the course and the ground staff have done a tremendous job with the course and deserve all the plaudits they receive. All other racecourse personnel should go and have a look at the Yarmouth ground as the clerk keeps the grass a good length and certainly does not over water.


I see there was a bit of aggro about the accomodation for stable staff at Bevereley. I'm pleased it made headlines in the Racing Post as the stables and the lads' accomodation always seem low down on the list of priorities for racecourse improvements. The racecourse money goes mainly to the customers' requirements, but you can't do anything without the "actors" and the staff, and they are without doubt the ones that need careful attention.

Velvet Vision