Onwards and upwards ...

We have one runner tomorrow at Chelmsford

Friday, 14 September 2018

"Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught."


Roof Garden

It’s another bright morning with a good breeze and is certainly drying up quickly. Most of the country, especially in the north, is getting plenty of rain with Doncaster being on the soft side of good. Unfortunately the rain is not getting into the east and we could still do with a good dousing. We had a big string of riders in this morning and plenty of visitors to see their horses canter. All has gone as well as can be expected so far and I am sure everybody is happy with what they saw. Long may it continue.

Melo Pearl and Garrel Glen upsides

We only have one runner this weekend with Pageant Master visiting Chelmsford City once again. I am still not completely sure about his trip and we will make our minds up on him being a sprinter after tomorrow. It is fantastic prize money at Chelmsford which is a great credit to them and it’s marvellous to see them putting on such good racing.

Visiting the yard

... and watching the horses

It is the last Classic tomorrow at Doncaster and it was interesting to see that it was re-offered at declaration time with 12 runners declared, but only seven different trainers. It is a rule that I didn’t know about in that they say that the trainers could manipulate the race with non-runners. I don’t see why you would declare and not run in a Classic, but there is always somebody trying to think that everybody has another agenda. To my mind this is a duel between Kew Gardens and Lah Ti Dar. I am sure the ground will play a part as well. It was a great day when Bobs Return won it years ago and I have not had another horse as good as him since. These good horses come along only so often, unless you have got bottomless pockets, and I always tell everybody that when they get a good horse to really enjoy it and savour every moment as once they are retired or sold, they are very hard to replace.


I can’t believe what I read this morning from the BHA’s chief executive who was talking to an industry gathering yesterday. He said he hoped for additional funding to help promote betting. He seems to think sectional timing, self-service betting terminals and other ways to “gamify” will increase betting on the racing product. Quite what he is thinking is beyond me and beyond most normal people. I would have thought concentrating on getting the bookmarkers to actually take a bet would be more helpful, but most bookmakers nowadays, as I have stated before, are run by computers rather than their brains. We have moved away from proper bookmakers to purely financial bureaucrats.

The string walking back home

We have a very nice attractive filly who would like a good home. She is a perfect riding horse and would do anything you ask, show jumping, eventing or showing. If you are interested please give the office a call on 01638 661434 or drop up an email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it