Onwards and upwards ...

We worked on the Peat Moss turf gallop

Tuesday, 04 September 2018

"A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should."


First lot (L-R) Astrofire, Roof Garden, Astrobreeze and Velvet Vision

Exercise over and the four make their way back to the yard

It’s much cloudier today and we had the first good sky of the autumn. The forecast is for it to be dry all day but to get colder as the week goes on. We have a good lot of staff in and have been galloping horses on some fantastic ground on the Peat Moss turf. Everything went smoothly and the horses are really coming on. As usual we have a lot of backward youngsters who need educating and go through growth spurts. Most of ours you can’t force and you just have to let them come to themselves in their own time. It is mornings like this that one or two show you their wellbeing.

Second lot with Velvet Vista leading Melo Pearl, Astroblaze and Astrosparkle

Four Fifty Three hated every minute of his day at Brighton - the track, the firmish ground and we can just forget what happened. He will be back on the all-weather next time. Sometimes these things work out and sometimes they don’t, yesterday was the latter. Mind you so did Sir Marks as well.

Cloud formation over Newmarket this morning

It was great to read that they found the lad who went walkabout at Richard Guest's and I am sure he will be back in the fold very quickly. There is a lot of pressure on the staff and they are working to the maximum capacity, especially when they are travelling and getting back so late only to be in early the next day. These 8.45 races at Wolverhampton are no good to anybody and it is a good thing that next year the latest race will be 8.30.

I am delighted to see that the trainer whose lad was only helping get a horse to the start last week, by throwing a bit of water at it, has had his fine cancelled. It is completely barmy that this situation has ever risen. As the rules stand, you cannot help anybody do anything with the horses nowadays, which is the most stupid rule ever brought in. It is caused by politically correct BHA staff that know nothing about horses but receive the odd letter from the public when one is given a crack to go into the stalls. In France they can do anything and there is very little trouble, but we, in our wisdom, aren’t allowed to do a thing. There is no common sense or horse sense whatsoever at the BHA and the sooner we get some the better.